Ok so I am passionate about Jesus! I am also passionate about adoption. I was listening to K-Love radio on Monday and they were talking about some stats from Max Lucado. I missed the numbers, so I looked some up.

There are 2 to 3 BILLION Christians in the world.
There are 143 million orphans.
There are 100 million more kids living on the streets.

If every Christion family adopted one child or got one off the streets, problem solved!

I know it's not that easy. Many Christian families are living in third world countries (pray for them) or in poverty right here. Many are elderly. Most families would find the cost prohibative. But...if God tells you to adopt-ADOPT!

If that is not you, find another way to help the orphans, the most fragile of God's children. Give to an adoption agency so the can help folks who are adopting meet the financial needs. Or give directly to an orphange. Any of your friends who have adopted can give you names or contact people. E-mail me! I can give you several in Haiti, Russia, Kazakhstan and others, as well as in the U.S.

If you feel lead to help me, I would love to hear from you. The "About Me" has an e-mail link. God is leading me to ask. If He leads you to respond, please listen.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Control Issues

I have been reminded of many things this last week. Most of them are beyond words, but I am going to try. First and foremost, to anyone out there that is in the midst of a trial, don't give up! If our God is for you (and He is) then none can stand against you. That doesn't mean they won't try to take a stand, it simply means that the stand will fall...not you. Your God is holding you in His hands, He has your back and He wants you to succeed. In fact, your success is assured, when you let God take control. Woo Hoo, go God!
I also learned that no matter how alone I feel, I am truly never alone. And if I am feeling unloved, the world is lying to me. I am loved, treasured and blessed by God AND by many beautiful folks right here on planet earth. I have received gifts, hugs, words, and lots of love that have been a very real and needed peace to this part of our adoption story.
I have learned that God speaks to us through the people around us sometimes; words for the moment and words that speak volumes to the days (years) ahead!
And I was reminded, in the midst of feeling sorry for myself, wanting to quit, being angry and frustrated, that to not share the bad with the good was not being faithful and waiting on God's perfect timing. There I go, trying to take control back...and I know that never works...still try it every now and then.
So, what happens when you let God have the control?
Got an E-mail from my agency today. I am leaving for Russia by months end to meet my newest son!


  1. Leaving for Russia means there is more to this story to be told later! thank-you Lord Jesus! Keep watch over my sister and Alex baby! I love you Deb

  2. I learned by your latest blog to put every thing in Gods hands as I was feeling sorry for my husband and my self,why are things the way they are? God I need you all the time,We are looking forward to our new grand son, WE love you Debbie, Mom